The next VRLO event is taking place on 18th July at 8 Northumberland Avenue, and promises to be the biggest yet!

We have a great line-up of content and tech including Madam Butterfly and The Magic Flute reimagined for VR; a Red Bull Air Race MR experience on HoloLens; a broadcast quality 360° live stream; a VR app for CPR training; a virtual safari; some of the latest 360° video content of a giant cylinder and loads more!

We’ve also added an exciting new element to the event. Instead of having talks from industry leaders, we’ll be giving you the chance to join roundtable discussions hosted by them! You’ll get the chance to participate in the session – 3 x 10 minute roundtables – when you enter the event.

Check out the topics and roundtable hosts below. It’s a great way to learn, share and make new connections. Joining the discussions will be on a first-come, first-served basis so arrive early to avoid missing out!

  • How can VR improve our working lives? – J’aimee Skippon-Volke, Festival Director of Byron Bay Film Festival
  • Will AR kill VR – Greg Furber, VR Director, REWIND
  • Is VR a political and ethical minefield? – Rowland Manthorpe, Associate Editor, Wired
  • Funding and finance for immersive technologies – Fiona Kilkelly, Immerse UK
  • How brands are scaling immersive experiences – Damian Collier, Founder & CEO, Blend Media
  • How can we design VR for museums/attractions? – Phil Stuart, Co-founder & Creative Director, Preloaded
  • Is social integration crucial for immersive technologies to reach the mainstream? – Josh McNorton, Festival Producer & Curator, Riverside Studios
  • VR for children: positive effects and concerns – Karen Boswell, Head of Innovations, adamandeveDDB
  • Outdoor AR in the wild – Ed Miller, Co-founder & CEO, Scape Technologies


Last month, we launched a Community Competition – with AMD and HTC – to find some awesome VR demos from indie developers. We had a fantastic response to our call for submissions and have managed to narrow it down to five finalists who will be joining us at 8 Northumberland on July 18th. We’ve got a fantastically diverse range of content – from a recreation of a historical building to a game where you play an elephant and catch donuts on your trunk!

Make sure to grab your tickets to VRLO and come and support these up and coming creators!

Dom Bidulph – Archway Print Studio

‘Archway Print Studio’ is a recreation of this iconic space in VR. Once a part of Byam Shaw School of Art, now a part of Central Saint Martins, its current incarnation spans over thirty years. Later this year these facilities will be closed and relocated, but they will be digitally preserved through the use of photogrammetric reconstruction and VR.

Matt Stuttard Parker – Donut Distraction

Ever wanted to be an elephant and catch donuts on your trunk?? Of course you have, and now you can! ‘Donut Distraction’ is the crazy fun game for all ages that puts you in the shoes of an elephant with a wildly fun trunk and a variety of crazy donut games to play!

Joe Chisholm – Go For Launch

‘Go for Launch’ is an accurate, fully interactive simulator of America’s first manned space missions in the early 1960s, and fully compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Touch. It was created using technical information and feedback from the engineers who built the original spacecraft

Matt Lade – Solvr

‘SolVR’ is Matt’s university final major project turned future VR game release. SolVR is a VR puzzle solving game in which you must manipulate the world to complete the challenges and progress – can you make it to the end of this brain-teaser?